Do you know how to get your car to survive the summer without a scratch?

Summer is one of the seasons where drivers suffer the most due to car breakdowns. And it is that the intense heat can trick you if you do not know how to take care of your vehicle.

Take these four recommendations into account, nothing that takes a long time to implement:

The ideal parking: The shadow

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I should look for it all year, but in summer it is more an obligation. High temperatures heat the seats, damage the paint and more, so be sure to leave it well covered, although that may cause you to end up with bird droppings that you should clean up shortly.

The correct tire pressure. Due to the temperature, the tires with a low pressure wear faster, so in summer you cannot afford to ride with the tire as well. Check pressure frequently to avoid problems.

If you take it to the beach: lots of water! The sand on the floor of the car is not the only problem. Due to the running air, the sand can also damage the paint, so it is advisable to wash inside and out.

To bathe it more often

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It is the most common tip to prevent the car from finishing damaged. Something also useful is to use a wax or special products to combat the sun’s rays. The changes that are occurring in the sector facilitate that more and more people can access their own home. Do not forget that it is important to choose carefully where you will apply for your mortgage loan, since all institutions offer different conditions.

If the high temperatures of the summer play a trick on you and the car suffers some damage while driving it, take advantage of the roadside assistance system offered by your insurance. Do not have one yet? Don’t make your car face the summer without being insured and compare the different options.

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