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With us you will quickly find the right alternative to the car for borrowing and driving on. To bridge a short-term liquidity shortage, lending is the better alternative to selling. At the Pfandhaus, you can bridge a financial shortfall discreetly and unbureaucratically by lending us your vehicle. If you would like to rent your car, motorbike or commercial vehicle in Munich, please make an appointment with Mr. Rohnke. There are legal regulations for their actions – also for the lending of cars.

Rent the car in an emergency?

The pawnbrokers are legally required to keep their vehicle without the access of others after signing the pledge agreement. The disadvantage of course is that you as a vehicle owner can not decide on the vehicle immediately after the loan. For this reason, some of the companies offer the variant “Rent a car and drive on”.

Of course, a car loan with the ability to move on will bring you some benefits, as you still have your pledge object after the loan has been disbursed. The autoband house with further use is not a classic pawnbroking company, but a contract with exit right. The further drive has already been declared by the court as an inadmissible variant of the “pawn shop” and has more adverse than beneficial effects for you as a customer.

Nonetheless, the pawn shop seems to be an attractive way to get cash quickly. In principle, you can borrow any car, as long as the pawnshop also focuses on the rental of motor vehicles. If the lending value specified in the General Terms and Conditions permits, you can also borrow classic vehicles in a pawn shop for vehicles.

Especially as a private citizen, this is an unpleasant fact when renting a car, because for corporate customers these costs are deductible. If your car is still in the financing phase, you hardly have a loan opportunity. Because pledging a car without letters in pawn shops is not possible. Anyone who already thinks about lending their car, should also think about a possible purchase. Second

You will get there a fair and clear purchase price for your vehicle. If you have signed our legally binding purchase contract, the purchase will be convenient and uncomplicated for you. So take advantage of our easy car purchase instead of renting your car.

Rent a car and drive on?

Rent a car and drive on?

Do you need quick cash? Our low-cost rental option for your car, car or motorbike rental gives you the chance to make a quick and easy cash payment. With us you can borrow your car up to 80% of the vehicle value. We are guided by this, because our services are not only fast, adaptable, uncomplicated and so on. bureaucratic.

Here you have the option of keeping your car safe for you and you immediately get a loan. You will get your car back after a set time against refund of the loan. It offers the chance to borrow the car for a certain period of time for cash, but still take it with you.

There is only one important clue: supply, where you can borrow and drive your car, is simply prohibited by law. The same applies to instant offers such as “purchase contract with right of withdrawal or repurchase contract”. Such clauses are often applied to such offers as “sail and lease back” or similar contract models, but are also strictly prohibited by law.

We are happy to advise you in an individual consultation, why this is legally prohibited and if there are possibilities.

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